Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween from Mrs. Luft's Class!
We played bingo, made a pumpkin keepsake out of fabric and a toilet paper roll, played I Spy, and made our own Witches' Brew snack!  
Thank you to all the parent volunteers that made this wonderful event possible!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Have you ever raised honey bees? 
Today we learned, from one of our own classmates, about how her family raises honey bees!
 She brought in an actual honey comb that the kids got to touch and smell. She explained to us how the honey gets squeezed from the honey comb when it's ready!

When the honey comb is burned down, you can make wax! She brought in a sample of honey wax to pass around! Since we have been learning about Matter, the students got to see the real life example of how first the honeycomb is a solid, then as it burns or melts it becomes a liquid, and then it returns to a solid state in a different form as it hardens into wax! Such sensational second grade scientists!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

STEM is here!
Science Technology Engineering & Math
Students have been learning about STEM and explored the materials on the Engineering Cart this week. We have learned about the design process and about the different kinds of engineers that there are! 

This year students began the school year learning about how their brains can grow and change! We learned about the different parts of the brain and their functions.  Students also learned about  how they can develop a growth mindset:
*Making mistakes is OK….that is when learning takes place!
*To learn something BIG sometimes you have to start with it in small chunks
*Always try your BEST!
*say to yourself "I don't know…. YET"

Students participated in an Odyssey of the Mind kick off experiment!  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SOOOO excited about our new Math Expressions program!
 Time to unpack the materials for our new math program. I learned a lot about it this summer and am impressed with the Daily Routines and alignment with the common core!
Our bee jar is empty and lonely. but not for long!!:)

Saturday, February 1, 2014


February 5-February 7

Join Taylor's 5th grade student leaders 
in raising money to benefit the 
"Make a Wish" Foundation

*Meet a representative from Make a Wish at our Rachel's Challenge Assembly this Friday!
*Wed., 2/5/14 Wear sweats or PJ's 
*Thurs., 2/6/14 Wear something YELLOW to be a part of the Taylor rainbow
*Friday, 2/7/14 Wear all RED 

Donations will be accepted all three days next week. 
No donation is too big or too small! 

Join us in this act of KINDNESS!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We earned our Hot Cocoa/Pajama Party!
After we returned from the Christmas break, we decided on a class reward if we achieved at least 10 great days during our Literacy block using our student engagement goals. We've been increasing our stamina and 21st Century skills this year by working toward the following goals: