Friday, December 28, 2012


Have you heard of Flat Stanley? 
Click on the link below to learn more about this worldly boy.


  1. Hi Austin S. this is a message from your flat buddy Stanley way over on the other side of this USA, in Oregon. It has been really wet and foggy so your Aunt hasn't taken me outside much until I reminded her to put me in a zip lock plastic bag. Now, I won't dissolve and I can see the big green world.! Lots of rivers, trees, mountains here. I have been to the top of a small mountain, to Belknapp hot springs, and to the McKenzie River. Don't worry, no salmon ate me for dinner. I have been getting rides on a big poodle named Morgan. Don't worry, he prefers to chew on his toys. So I will write you some more real soon. Bye-bye Austin (told to Aunt Frances Sillick)

  2. Hi, this note is for Kiara Primous Sherman from Josiah in Phoenix, Arizona. Your Flat Stanley traveled to Phoenix, which is a big city, an urban community. It is a valley, land surrounded by mountains.Josiah lives near parks, movie theaters, and lots of stores.
    Josiah lives in a condo, which is like an apartment. He plays t-ball and is on a track team and loves to ride his bike. In Phoenix, it doesn't ever snow, and in the summer all the kids love to spend time in the swimming pools, because the climate is like a desert and it is very hot.

    Josiah is almost 6 years old and in kindergarten. He loves spending time in the Phoenix Childrens Museum, because you can play, shop and touch everything there. There are places to climb, and toys to play with. He went to the museum with Flat Stanley, and Flat Stanley seemed to love it too. Thank you, Kiara, for sending us Flat Stanley! Josiah is sending you a letter with pictures of Flat Stanley at the museum.We will write you a letter to go with the pictures. Hi to all the kids in Mrs. Luft's class!

  3. Hello Gracie, Mrs. Luft and class,
    We just wanted to let you know that Flat Stanley is on his way back to you! We had such fun taking Flat Stanley around Toronto and introducing him to my school and our neighbourhood. We are going to miss him and I hope he has a fun journey back to New York. Thank you for letting us share in the adventures of Flat Stanley.
    Love Auntie Kit, Uncle Len, Courtney, Brett and Kari!!