Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So many new friends to learn about! To build our classroom community, we each brought in a "Me" bag to present to the class. Inside the bags were items that told about the students' interests, hobbies, families, and experiences. After we each presented our bag to the class, we set up our desk area to showcase our artifacts. 

Then we toured the room and learned more about our friends. 

During Writer's Workshop, we made a list of the contents of our "Me" bags. We will keep these lists in our writing folder to help us with ideas to write about in our writer's notebooks. 


  1. Trevor really enjoys explaining these pictures as we look at the blog together! Thanks for sharing and giving us parents a glimpse into the classroom.

  2. We were so excited to see that you are reading our blog and checking out our pictures! Check back again soon!