Friday, September 7, 2012

We had a super first few days of school together! 
The students were introduced to our classroom blog
 and completed this shared writing assignment:

At school...
we see our friends and learn something new!   Mrs. Luft
I like PE because it teaches me gymnastics.  Aries
I get to see my kind friends who always put a smile on my face! Trevor
I like to play football with my friends.  Cal
I like to read funny stories! Austin S.
I saw my friends and new people. I love to go to PE because we play basketball there! Damarius
I like Art because I am an artist! Ryan
I love my teacher because she is sweet. Savannah
I love going to Library because I can read there. Meghan
I like Math because Math is really fun! Jeffrey
I like learning PE. Liam
I like to go to the gym because I like to see Mrs. Nesbitt! Taylor
I like science because you get to do experiments! Dalton
I like to PE and to play games outside. Arriyanna
I like reading because it is quiet in the classroom so it won't hurt my ears. Kiara
I went to school to go to gym. I went on the playground. Austin M.
I like Art because you color and paint. I like PE and Music and Computer Lab and Math and working so much. Aiyana
we go to lunch. I like lunch because I like to see my BFF's.  Aaliyah
I like PE because it is fun.  Alyssa
I love to read because it gets quiet.  Ronan
I like PE because it is fun. I like Art because we get to paint. I like technology because we get to type on the computer. I like Music because you get to play the instruments.  Jake


  1. We hope you enjoy our blog!
    Mrs. Luft & class

  2. Austin S. is loving second grade and asked me to post it on your blog!

    1. Thank you for reading our classroom blog! Stay tuned for more!
      Mrs. Luft